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Press Automation System

Press Automation System

The press automation system is designed to ease the task of stamping moderate to high volumes of metal. These are developed in-house to exact demand of automotive industry. The other reason of its high demand in market is the consumer preference features. Apart from making standard system, the engineers also fabricate customized press automation system. The main features of this system are mentioned below:

Safety: It is one significant feature of this system, upon which we can not make any compromises. We have incorporated safety features, like Electronic Position Switch (EPS) to make our product safe to use for industrial operations.

Flexibility: The reverse and split ability of the system gives it an additional process flexibility. It allows the development of a large part on the same line with minimum robot programming.

Easy-to-use: The operator is provided with sound control and intuitive programming on the press automation system. The make sure this system runs without any flaw, it is tested before final installation.

Energy efficiency: The press automation system is designed to consume less energy.

Cost/ROI: During the production of this system, we make sure to offer a cost effective solution that enhance the Return on Investment (ROI).